FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Statusload consists of three parts: Status Agent, Status Manager and Status Overview.
Status Agent receives and displays your messages.
Status Manager is your administration interface, where you define who should receive messages.
Status Overview is the page your users can access to read further.

You visit this page: Sign Up. Here we need to use a few  pieces of information before we create your site. Once we have received your payment, we will send you information on how to log in and get started.

So far, we only support Windows 7 + 10. However, .Net must be installed in minimum version 4.6.2.

To access the Status Overview, simply use a browser.

All traffic between Status Manager and your machines is on port 443, and when you can read this page, all requirements are met.

Yes of course. The traffic between your Status Agents and Status Manager is encrypted. Every 15 minutes, the Status Agent changes the encryption key. If, unexpectedly, an intelligence service succeeds in breaking the encryption, they only have 15 minutes before they have to break it again.

No. Strangers have no access to the Status Overview to read your messages. Only machines with Status Agent installed and the users you give access to VIP Access can read messages. All others are rejected in the door.

When you become a customer of Statusload, your Status Overview will be running from our servers. You get the option of whether your address should end with .dk, .com or .eu. So if your company is called “Demo Ltd” an example could be https://demo.statusload.com. The Status Manager will then be located at https://demo.statusload.com/admin.